Trump: The Media Wants Us to Go to War With Russia


Donald Trump has lashed out at the news media again following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki this week, the Daily Beast reports. Trump has been criticized by media figures, Democrats, and allies in the Republican Party for his statements on whether he believes U.S. intelligence when it comes to Russian interference in U.S. elections, or Putin.

In a Twitter outburst Thursday morning, he wrote: “The Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war. They are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin. We are doing MUCH better than any other country!”

Trump blamed Putin personally for election meddling in a CBS News interview broadcast Wednesday night.


  1. You keep reiterating that Trump said Russian election meddling took place but the most important part that “THERE WAS NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIAN IN 2016” is deliberately omitted – typical fake news style. As if meddling is something to worry about. Hasn’t the US meddled in almost 100 countries and haven’t other countries meddled in US elections – so what?

  2. How many of these liberal media will go fight in a war with Russia. The if a war starts they will blame Trump not themselves. They just hope to sell more newspapers if a war starts. They don’t not care about money.


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