Trump Thanks Fox News Guest For Grading His First Year An ‘A’


President Trump on Sunday thanked two Fox News guests for giving his first year in office high marks.

“Thank you to Brad Blakeman on [Fox News] for grading year one of my presidency with an ‘A’-and likewise to Doug Schoen for the very good grade and statements. Working hard!” Trump tweeted.

“He’s got an ‘A,’ a strong ‘A,’ and here’s why: We’ve got a guy who is new to politics, he took the hardest job in the world, being president. He hit the ground running,” Blakeman, a former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush said on “Fox Report.”

“We have a new Supreme Court justice, we have growth in our economy of over 3 percent, we have full employment at 4 percent, we have a new embassy being established in Jerusalem, which is something that is long overdue,” he continued, adding that Trump “has a lot to be proud of.”

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  1. Thank G-d, Imus is retiring. The old frog gave us nothing, the last 20 years. He is such an arrogant lowlife with no accomplishments.

  2. Precisely the reason the shutdown of the government. Fake News prefer talking about the shutdown of the government than President Trump’s HISTORIC SUCCESS.

  3. A plus. We think that Donald is keen on all properties president.

    But if there was a grade for Fox, we can still give it a CNN C. They did not look higher than the highest star. There is a bigger blessing than just tax cuts for your new boat purchase 10 feet longer than poor have arms.

    Seriously, Donald, when will Ike pay you a visit in your mind in that White House bedroom. We liked him. Reagan’s ghost might do you well too. Get on a horse and show us you are a man. Standing on top of Trump tower is just an eye that wants to look down. Reagan galloped to the golden mind.

    Hug a Donald day. Its not will to sure the final dream but maybe a penny wise the soup.

    Good hugs Donald. It dreams the best.

    B minus.

  4. Using CAPS does not make it true.
    He is a historic failure:
    A Government shutdown of his own doing
    Puerto Rico – 4 months later people still have no power and are dying.
    Ruined all chances of peace in the Mid East while he is president and possibly created a opportunity for a despicable one state solution
    USA historically hated and voted against in the UN
    Created a nuclear standoff with a madman in North Korea
    ICE tearing apart families of Americans
    Committed impeachable crimes …

    • Just stick to CNN and NYT and make believe you’re knowledgeable and well-informed. Unless it’s just the meds that’s making you tzedrudled.

    • I agree. Hillary would of been a much much better President. It’s too bad those Russians stole the elections and put in there that evil white racist heterosexual.

      • Once again, the Trumpets are out. Can you defend Trump without using the words Hillary, Obama, RINO, etc? Saying that Trump is better than Hillary isn’t saying much. Yes, we voted for Trump because he’s better than Hillary, but you can get a C- and still be better than Hilary

        • Comparing Trump to the scoundrel Hillary or other criminals in the government is like comparing human beings to wild beasts.

          You and everyone else are well aware that TRUMP IS THE BEST LEADER IN THE WORLD and is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for which he deserves Triple-A!


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