Trump Supports Yerushalayim Yeshiva


Kikar Shabbos reported that President-elect Trump is closely connected to a group of admirers of the Boyaner Rebbe who support the Ruzhin-Boyaner Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. Trump is a major supporter of the yeshiva and has participated in the group’s funding events.

In a journal printed in honor of one of the yeshiva’s dinners, Trump wrote on a sponsored page: “Best wishes for continued success to Mesivta Tifereth Israel of Rizhin, Donald J. Trump.”

“As someone who donates money to yeshiva students, it is clear that he is connected to heart of the Jewish people,” a Boyaner man said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Let’s not get carried away. Some frum person who does business with Trump was honored by Boyan and he solicited an ad from Trump for the Boyaner dinner journal.

  2. I’ll bet if Hillary were the one she would’ve given a lot more because after all she was always what about others and never thinking of her self

  3. Gifted gold. It was taken out of the hands of the poor who have no manners and given to the yeshiva where middos are considered wise. Still, the gamblers who pay the Trump tab are so unholy that a dollar from Trump is like a trick of the penny. It might not be the gold of the wise.

    Exposition money.


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