Trump: Stocks Would Be Down If Clinton Won Election


President Trump on Sunday suggested that stock prices would be down had his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, won the election last year.

“If the Dems (Crooked Hillary) got elected, your stocks would be down 50% from values on Election Day,” Trump wrote on Twitter, referencing a Fox Business article touting Wall Street’s performance in 2017.

“Now they have a great future – and just beginning!” he added.

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  1. Hillary’s campaign promise to bring in 1.5 million Muslim terrorists and finish Obama’s destruction of America would have been a much bigger issue than stocks being down had she ch”v won.

  2. Living wonder what happened in 2016. She was so sure to be elected and he so nasty to think humane.

    Now in my future I have studied the outcomes and even she is indeed crooked. A woman to refuse to wear skirts and dresses. Never in history prior to years of WW1 and beyond was that heard.

    We are in times that one will daven to return to our guilded age of America. The 1880s were quite specific. 4 presidents had beards, others had nice mutton chops and mostaches. When is the last guy in office with any facial hair at all? TAFT.

    This is a funny way to think that Hashem wants us to be very angry that Ms. Clinton had it all to gain but lost to a man wearing a funny hat. His hat covered his head. A return to the ideals of years when we were a Guilded age. Men COVERED their heads All the Time.

    So if this is redemption, we are hoping well. No time for the clean faces of the recent 100 years. It is a good thing to see men with beards and facial hair in office. Will Donald be yet one?

    In all, keep your hats on. I know that the many of all Torah societies do. And no jew has in mind shaved if he wants to be in Torah mind. So this is America. It worked in the 1880s. Garfield, Harrison (Benjamin), Lincoln, Hayes. Great men. Chester Arthur, Teddy R., Taft, Grover Cleveland. All men who looked well.

    My theory on why all of the men prior to the civil war had no beard is because they were slave owners. In that thought the King did not allow them a peaceful look. Interesting if true.

    And more to hope we can ever enter the guilded age. Make it look like the 1880s and we are in. The gold is there. Where is the beer we can share among the handsome. Don’t shave. Its asinine.

  3. I don’t see what your problem is with Hillary wearing pant suits. They are very tznius. Hillary, to her credit, always covers up all the way to her neck. She never exposes herself in a provocative way like Melania and Michelle before her.

    • You are right. I voted for her. I also know no soul religious would wear one.

      My impression is Hashem does not accept any abomination and Israel is taught only shirts and rightful dresses.

      Could these abominations disappear? Could the ultimate battle be just an orthodox idea? Its odd but knowing my bible its comically real.

      As odd as it may be, men read treasured humor from Hashem. This may be.

      So, unless you do want the culture with constant degradation, lets see where this goes. Donald Hates stashes of the whole world. Many are indeed associated with approving things he hates. Its odd. Meaning in his life is NEVER destroying your body. He was spoken to hate tattoos. His drossy kids do NOT have one.

      In culture of bible, this might be all really right. Never mark your skin. If those he hates permit ever such, he is right.

      Pants suits were a gimmick. It is not orthodoxy.

      Either Hashem is doing humor our best redemption or ever we keep trying.

      Start with the pants suits. They are wrong. Margaret Thatcher succeeded in a dress. Hillary could not learn.

      Sorry Hillary. I tried. It was not. And maybe we are o.k.

      Hashem near we hope. Scary but right.

      Best I can do.


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