Trump Spars With ABC Reporter Over Obama’s Birth Certificate


trump2Donald Trump, in the early presidential caucus state of Iowa this weekend for an event featuring many potential 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls, defended his questioning of President Barack Obama’s place of birth in an interview aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Correspondent Jonathan Karl asked the former presidential candidate about his pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate, suggesting it made him look not serious.

“Why does that make me not serious? I think that resonated with a lot of people,” Trump said.

Karl pressed if Trump still believes Obama was not born in the United States.

“I have no idea,” Trump said. “I don’t know, was there a birth certificate? You tell me. You know, some people say that was not his birth certificate. I’m saying I don’t know. Nobody knows. And you don’t know either.”

“I’m pretty convinced he was born in the United States,” Karl replied, which prompted Trump to jump in and seize on “pretty convinced.”

Karl then said he believed Obama was born in the U.S. “without question.”.

“Jonathan, you said you’re pretty convinced, OK? So let’s just see what happens,” Trump said.

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  1. The Hawaiian birth certificate lists the race of President Obama’s father as African. African was not a race identifier in 1961. The correct entry for that period was Negro. African would not be permitted in the racial coding criteria of the time. This anomaly is the first of many indications of forgery.

    The word THE in the certification statement appears as TXE. The Registrar’s signature stamp of Alvin T. Onaka displays what looks like the left side profile of a smiley face in the letter A of Alvin.

    There is NO visible sign of any raised embossed Hawaiian “seal” on the document.

    Mara Zebest, a recognized computer expert, who was a contributing author and technical editor for over 100 books on Adobe and Microsoft software, says the birth certificate is a forgery.

    Typographer Paul Irey, a pioneer and expert in the field of photo-typography with 50 years experience, stated the typefaces used in Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate proves it’s a forgery.

    Web expert Karl Denninger, who has built and run Internet and networking companies, stated the typeface on Obama’s LFBC revealed evidence of kerning. Kernig did not exist in 1961 and he concludes the document is a forgery.

    Reed Hayes, a court certified hand writing analyst and forensic document examiner with over 20 years of experience providing document expertise to legal, law enforcement, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals requiring this service.

    Hayes stated:

    “…based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources.”

    “In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. IN my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.”

    Note: Reed Hayes has worked frequently for Perkins Coie, the law firm that has defended President Obama in the various birth certificate court challenges over the past five years. Mr. Hayes is a Democrat whose business is based in Hawaii. His Curriculum Vitae is 9 pages and available online for review.


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