Trump Soho Sued for Serving Non-Kosher Sandwich to Orthodox Jewish Guest


trump-sohoLuxury hotel condominium Trump Soho is being sued for serving a non-kosher sandwich to an Orthodox Jew and pretending it was kosher, the New York Post reported.

According to the lawsuit, Upper West Side resident Dan Miller paid $146 for a hot kosher meal but was instead given a cold non-kosher turkey sandwich. The hotel then “created an elaborate hoax” to deceive him and cover up their mistake, he said in his lawsuit.

As he waited for his specially ordered lunch at a business conference at the hotel, he reminded the staff that his food needs to be double wrapped until it is delivered, as per kosher laws. An employee responded, “Yes, of course, we are very familiar with the kosher rules, we do it all the time.”

When the cold turkey sandwich arrived in a single piece of Saran wrap, Miller was suspicious as it was not correctly wrapped according to Jewish law and had no kosher seal, which is customary of kosher food served on planes and at other public venues. The server reassured him the food was fine for him to eat but Miller, the son of a rabbi, said he was still skeptical.

Other employees assured Miller that the lunch was purchased at the kosher Noah’s Ark restaurant located on Grand Street, the suit says.

When the Yeshiva University graduate began to eat the sandwich, he noticed that it didn’t taste like food he had previously eaten at Noah’s Ark. He proceeded to call the Grand Street establishment, which informed him that they had not made any deliveries to Trump Soho that day. Miller also e-mailed a photo of the sandwich to Noah’s Ark and workers confirmed the meal was not from their eatery.

Although the hotel chef promised to send Miller a copy of the Noah’s Ark receipt the next day, a Trump Soho food and beverage manager finally admitted that the food wasn’t kosher and was made in the hotel’s kitchen because the establishment forgot to order the special meal.

“The hotel staff panicked and inappropriately responded by serving him a non-kosher meal that was made to appear kosher,” the suit says.

Miller is “furious” about the lies that caused him to commit “a serious violation of Jewish law – consuming non-kosher meat,” his suit states. He is also concerned that the bread was dairy, which violates another Jewish dietary law of not mixing meat and dairy.

“It is simply inconceivable for any orthodox Jew, like Dan Miller, to eat a non-kosher meat sandwich,” Miller says in his suit. He blames Trump Soho for not properly training its staff about kosher laws and he is suing for unspecified damages.

Representatives for Trump Soho have not commented on the lawsuit, according to the New York Post.


{ Newscenter}


  1. No kosher seal, not double wrapped, he’s suspicious, and he still starts eating it? Not saying he shouldn’t sue them, but why did he put it in his mouth?

  2. no matter what anyone tells you, you have to have the seal on it. it happened to me at a wedding too. but i didn’t eat…
    check before you bit!!

  3. ps, the sin was his own because he didn’t folow the rules of the seals. someone lied to him but the halacha knows that peeple lie. since it is a mistake and also he did not eat kasiyis in 2 or 3 minutes, maybe he was over half an amount of tref , there is no basar be halav with tref and it wasn’t cooked together so it is de rabanim, and by mistake so no sin involved. some people say you don’t need to do teshuva for that. the only problem is that non kosher food messes up the soul and maybe your mind … i guess you could sue for that.

  4. The real question is , if it was a question of counterfeit or real currency would he have relied on the chef as well.
    i don`t understand he knew that it needs two seals.

    why did he rely on the goy?

  5. agreed, he is responsible for what he puts in his mouth. but, if he wouldnt have tasted it, he could still sue for all the lies, the attempt to trick him, the money he paid for a hot kosher meal. he will always regret his part in this, but surely, the goyim must be made to regret what they did.

  6. Even the best of us can be caught off guard in a moment. He is doing a service to everyone
    by reminding them that there is no such thing as being too careful

  7. He shouldn’t have eaten the sandwich, but one must understand that the temptation in this situation is strong. When your appetite is aroused because you’re expecting a good meal, and there’s some reason to think it’s kosher (even if not enough reason according to halacha), it’s tough to resist.

    As for his legal case, he’s entitled to his money back and perhaps an additional amount as punitive damages, to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. A relatively small amount, say $500, should suffice to get that job done.

    I don’t think he’s entitled to damages for pain and suffering, because the sandwich was perfectly wholesome. His discomfort at having eaten it was entirely of his own making.

    Of course, my analysis is according to NYS law, not halacha.

  8. The staff panicked. So let’s sue the owner hey he’s worth big bucks
    I had similar happen someplace else it came on China. Asked to see manager
    Got a fresh fruit plater instead at no charge never thought of suing it happens part of being religious. It’s on us to be critical


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