Trump Slams Bush For ‘Worst Single Mistake’ In U.S. History


President Trump took a little time during an interview in the Oval Office to give his take on the biggest mistake in American history.

“The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush,” the president said during an exclusive interview with Hill.TV. “Obama may have gotten (U.S. soldiers) out wrong, but going in is, to me, the biggest single mistake made in the history of our country.”

“We spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Now if you wanna fix a window some place they say, ‘oh gee, let’s not do it.’ Seven trillion, and millions of lives — you know, ‘cause I like to count both sides. Millions of lives,” the president explained.

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  1. Will the real Woodrow Wilson please stand up?

    Every century a blunder. We have eggs to eat here. Why is this still blasphemy of the men who will not want to rule by humane authority?

    Even Trump has not ended the era of mock slavery. Slander, hate and blind absolution rule the market today. I wonder why jews are not happy. Could it be the bottom will of the more wandering generations had no humanity? I dare wait.

    • The Bush crime family is nothing to sneeze at. To make a few dollars on oil, George W let all the Saudis fly out of the US on Sep. 12th.

      • There is clear hardship among the families in the USA. The religious state of the Bush family is clear wrathful. I do not know all the enterprises but I discount that their biblical feeling is of faith to fully include jewish active family. The neat of their best ideas is actually good oil economy. I dare call them a crime state but they did base their charity on small want.

        Cold world but colder by the Bush economy. It did not alleviate the war need a good coordinated kosher favor in the economy. Trump seems more agile.

        Will our own crime families ever clean it up? I see it among many jews who do not offer patience to humane care in our community. They grab the market, grab the waiting hand and forget the tefillin and the wall.

        Our faith can use better conditions of hope. Much full kosher. Anything else is NOT YET ACHIEVED.

    • What are you smoking? Does murdering 3,000 of your own citizens make you a good guy? Even President Trump said recently that 9/11 couldn’t have burned the buildings to ground zero without pre-planted explosives. And who do you think was involved in this?

  2. Interesting that hes not scared to talk against a republican.

    And the Iraqi was is something that nobody was able yet to explain its purpose.

    Sorry to have to say it.

  3. I was opposed to the second Iraq BUT at that point in time more sense.

    Every intelligence agency in the world (incorrectly) believed that Saddam Hussein was working on WMD. There were some who also believed that he had some sort of connection to Osama Bin Laden (He certainly was giving money to terrorist organizations)

    There was also a naive belief that if Saddam Hussein was toppled a democratic Iraq would take his place. From there democracy would spread to other parts of the Muslim world.

    There was also a big sense of having to do something to get a foot hold in the Arab world after 9/11. Iraq was the easiest place to get it

    Today it’s easy to say that the above is all nonsense. Back then it wasn’t so clear.


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