Trump: Sessions Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening At The DOJ


President Trump continued his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Saturday, accusing the former senator of not understanding “what is happening” at the Justice Department under his watch.

“Jeff Sessions said he wouldn’t allow politics to influence him only because he doesn’t understand what is happening underneath his command position,” the president tweeted.

Trump went on to quote South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham (R) speaking about the possibility of a new attorney general, an indication that the president may be considering Sessions’ firing.

“Every President deserves an Attorney General they have confidence in. I believe every President has a right to their Cabinet, these are not lifetime appointments. You serve at the pleasure of the President,” Trump added, quoting Graham.

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  1. I agree. President Trump, stop talking about it. Do it already! Fire the left wing Rino today! You look foolish talking and talking about it but doing nothing. Alfred E Neuman is a little pipsqueak who is petrified of his boss, Adam Schiff. Jeff should join Nanci & Chuck. He would be most welcome in the Democrat party. When Eric Holder becomes President, he will make you his AG since you both have the exact same views. Get out!

  2. Sessions understands quite well but he’s not up to being the next on the Clinton’s Body List which would occur as soon as he “thinks” of investigating the world’s biggest criminal, namely, Hillary the Devil.
    Which is why he must be replaced immediately. He has not accomplished an iota since he became AG almost 2 years ago. Get rid of him and replace him with someone competent.


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