Trump Says He Would Have Rushed In To Protect Students From Gunman At Florida School


President Donald Trump claimed Monday that he would have rushed into the Florida high school during a mass shooting earlier this month that killed 17 people and called it “disgusting” that an officer assigned to the school didn’t enter the building while the attack was underway.

“I really believe I’d run in, even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump said during a White House meeting with governors from across the country, adding that he thinks the governors assembled also would have rushed into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “You never know until you’re tested,” he added.

The White House meeting focused in part on the school shooting and the wider issue of gun control. Trump has been highly critical of former Broward County sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who remained outside the school during the Feb. 14 massacre in Parkland, Florida. Peterson resigned last week.

An attorney for Peterson on Monday denied that his client had acted unprofessionally and cowardly during the shooting, according to The Associated Press.

Joseph DiRuzzo said Peterson didn’t go inside the school because it had sounded as if the shooting was happening outside the building, the AP reported.

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  1. Peterson is a murderer. Plain and simple. All the excuses his stinking lawyer gives, wont change the facts. The one thing he was being PAID to do, he failed. If he had any soul he would at least apologize. Mr. Peterson is an evil person, symptomatic of todays Hollywood spoiled society.

  2. Graves, Mr. Trump. The guard is not the concern for the reality of tomorrow’s graves still more.

    I would wonder if this president has over ever discussed the idea of what he could even do. Give blood sir? I have yet to see you discuss Red Cross, National Mental Illness charities and even donations to hospitals.

    It is not happening that we feel that the president has a good show. I think that he is about as watched today as the rats in the swamp are popular. Someone will give us a future and I can hope it comes soon. This is not leadership but executioner era frank hate.

    This president can not lead.

  3. He could have protected the students if the shooter would have been Nikolas Cruz a mentally unstable boy, not if the shooterS were a SWAT team in full set of body armor and face mask.

    • Yup, this is all a conspiracy, it really was a Swat team that carried out this attack, then they blamed it on Cruz. And Bush and the Mossad did 9/11. And aliens landed in Area 51. And the Jews developed vaccines as a way to control people’s minds…….

      • Conspiracy theorists is just your excuse because you have no critical thinking skills and are just a programmed zombie trained not to question authority. Nebach!

        Grow up! and starting listening / reading to real news instead of some fairy tales they force down your throat. For a start to get your brains active, listen to the interviews of the students and teachers during the shooting. It’ll boggle your mind. Unless you’re too scared to know the truth and fear accusing the real criminals.

      • Trying to reason with a lunatic is like trying to nail jello to a wall. He’s firmly convinced that the world is populated by six billion idiots and one wise person; namely himself.

      • And enough with your being brainwashed. When will you get your head out of the sand and open your eyes? After listening to the interviews during the shooting it’s impossible to believe a single word from fake news. The only truth is that there were many killed and injured. Everything else is a lie.

    • Since you didn’t mention the cloaking device and deflector shields you’re clearly an agent of the Deep State.
      Warning to all: Ignore this FBI/CIA/KGB/NKVD/Mossad/MI5 fake news disseminator.

  4. Trump is not a coward. I recall when this guy rushed the stage and wanted to attack Trump during the elections and Trump wanted to take him on. The secret service held him back. Trump is the greatest president America has ever had.


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