Trump Says He May Call A National Emergency To Build Border Wall


President Trump said Friday that he is considering calling a national emergency to build a wall along the U.S.–Mexico border.

“We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely. We can do it. I haven’t done it, I may do it. I may do it, but we can call a national emergency and build it quickly, it’s another way of doing it,” he said at a press conference Friday.

“If we can do it through a negotiated process, we’re giving that a shot,” he added.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Cash out or cash up. The wall may not be built and it is not emergent to think fully it be quick.

    Every dangerous world day has hardship. Government shutdown is a harsh.

    Clever Jared even decided Sabbath was off today. I wonder if that will fly well. Mr Lieberman did not work on sabbath. Mr. Kushner is on a new precedent. Probably always was. Chabad advised. Luck out huh?

    And we do want to hear our court dockets empty out. My town has closed.


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