Trump: Republicans’ And My Poll Numbers Would Be Higher If Not For Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’


President Trump accused special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday of hurting his and Republican candidates’ approval ratings, again characterizing the special counsel’s investigation as a “witch hunt.”

“While my (our) poll numbers are good, with the Economy being the best ever, if it weren’t for the Rigged Russian Witch Hunt, they would be 25 points higher!” Trump tweeted.

“Highly conflicted Bob Mueller & the 17 Angry Democrats are using this Phony issue to hurt us in the Midterms. No Collusion!” he added.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Don’t worry about these Fake Polls. Remember the fake election polls where mainstream media Enemies of the People lowered it to be close to that of the Devil’s? Real Republicans, as well as the millions of Walkaway Democrats surely boosted the polls to over 85%. Democrat polls which only includes their corrupt politicians, Rhinos and a minority of leftist cannot be higher than 10-15%.

  2. Actually the American people, including Democraps, are fed up with the Witch Hunt and believe that it decreases the chance of Democraps ever winning again “legally”. (Of course by fraud you can even post an incompetent illegal traitor like Obama as potus or Hillary who can have a good chance of winning the 2020 election.)

    These polls are made up numbers which means absolutely nothing!


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