Trump Questions Lack Of ‘Due Process’ After Two Aides Resign Over Past Allegations

President Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House about Israel policy on Dec. 6. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford

President Trump on Saturday raised questions about a lack of due process after two White House aides resigned this week following allegations of past domestic abuse.

“Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new,” Trump tweeted.

“There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?”

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  1. The non-elected Deep State and CIA mobsters who were running the country until now are still very much in control of the fakestream media (as the NYT reported), controlled the previous Presidents and lined their pockets well, will not give up until President Trump will be impeached or assassinated and all his appointees will leave the White House.

    • These non-elected Deep State and CIA mobsters put Bush in power, stealing the election from Al Gore; put Obama in power creating a fake birth certificate for him and setting up loads of election fraud, made Hillary the Democrat candidate, stealing it from Bernie Sanders and were planning to continue with Hillary as POTUS but didn’t expect Trump to win with such a landslide. Now they’re doing everything possible, with the help of their Democrat losers to get rid of Trump.

        • You’re trying to understand a conspiracy theorist? Here’s my understanding. First realize that this guy is a Trumpet, and believes whatever Trump believes. Then you have to understand (or try to understand) Trump’s own beliefs.
          First realize that Trump is a huge conspiracy theorist. Then remember that until a few years ago, he was a Democrat, and a big Hillary donor too. So he probably believed all the anti-Bush stuff going around wacky left wing circles, that he stole the election, that he made up the reasons for going into Iraq (never mind that Amercian, European, and Israeli intel all said that Saddam was trying to get WMDs, never mind that anyone who is concerned about Islamic terror would want Saddam out). He may have even believed the far-left conspiracy theories about Bush and 9/11.
          Then came Obama, who stole the nomination from Trump’s friend Hillary, in whom he invested so much money (she was for sale, and Trump was definitely buying her). At that point he became anti-Obama, started believing all the Birther theories, and from there he slowly became (or at least claimed to have become) a Republican.
          That’s how you end up with the same guy believing Obama conspiracies and Bush conspiracies.
          Also, this poster is probably a newbie to politics, just started listening to Hannity during the Obama years and Trump campaign, and has no idea how the left wing media destroyed Bush (and has no idea that Trump is simply repeating NYT and WaPo criticism of Bush)

  2. Mere allegations? Not quite… (FBI, Police records, photo’s…) It’s despicable, and immoral to defend people that violently abuse other human beings…

  3. I guess he’s trying to say, “a person is innocent until proven guilty” unless you live in New York and get a parking ticket or any driving violation. Then it’s the opposite. Guilty until proven innocent. Yeh, the system stinks.

  4. Had you known the key point that Bush Sr was the head of the CIA before he was president and that Obama’s mother was some operative in the CIA, you’d understand how the Bushes, Obama and Clinton Crime Families were in power. Go read up about it. It might wake you up to the political Crime Families in power for dozens of years, unless you prefer snoozing and continue with your conspiracy theory standpoint….

    • Classic conspiracy theorist- mentions lots of facts to make it seem that he is well informed, but the facts are totally irrelevant.
      What does the fact that Bush Sr. ran the CIA during the Reagan years have to do with Obama’s mother? How does that connect to the Clinton crime family (and somehow explain why the Clinton let the CIA steal the election from their crony Gore). 2 random facts don’t make a conspiracy, unless you’re a complete conspiracy theorist. Keep on reading those great websites, they all make perfect sense (at least makes sense to the neo-Nazis who write them, remember, it’s always the Jews’ fault)

      • Correction- Bush Sr. was CIA director when Ford was President, not during the Reagan presidency (he was director in 1976-1977, over 40 years ago). So somehow he met Obama’s mother (no idea if she even worked there then) and conspired with her that her son Barak (who was 15 at that time) would somehow become President? Did he also conspire with her that he would lose his bid for re-election to Bill Clinton? It doesn’t even make the slightest sense.


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