Trump: Putin Op-Ed Piece ‘Just Amazing’


trump1Donald Trump said on Friday that President Barack Obama was being “outplayed” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose op-ed piece in The New York Times earlier this week was “just amazing.”

“We have a president that’s not looking very good,” the billionaire businessman told CNN. “It’s making us look very bad as a country – and, certainly, he’s looking very bad.”

Putin’s op-ed piece, published on Wednesday, was effective because “he said so much – and he said it in very nice way, but it wasn’t very nice at all,” Trump said. “It was tough. It was about as tough as you’re going to get. And Obama’s having a very tough time competing.

“The letter was very well-crafted,” he added. “This was about as well-crafted as you could’ve imagined. I don’t know if he wrote it, but it certainly was his thoughts. It covered so much territory.”

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  1. Take another look at Hashems plan. With every indoctrination of lesser merit, there is always a voice in America that supports the last brick in the wall. In this case, Trump is now the voice of “anti American ‘exceptionalism'” in our own homes. Why Trump? Because he has no dignity, no faith in time and zero creditability. Welcome to being Putins gift in the West.

    Never Again!

  2. Trump’s opinions are not more or less valuable than any successful businessman’s. Knowing real estate doesn’t mean he has wisdom. His fame stems from the combination of wealth and his outrageous words and behavior, and he should not be taken seriously even for a second.


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