Trump Phoned Pittsburgh Mayor Moments After Synagogue Shooting To Advocate The Death Penalty


A few moments after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, President Donald Trump called the city’s mayor to offer his condolences—and to advocate for the death penalty.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto said the president veered straight into a policy discussion after offering thoughts and prayers to the city after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. Trump, according to Peduto, said that the best way to prevent more bias-motivated hate crimes were to implement harsher death penalty legislation.

The mayor said he was astonished.

“I’m literally standing two blocks from 11 bodies right now. Really?”  Peduto told the newspaper.

Read more at The Independent.



    • You took the words out of my mouth. So true! DemocRATS can’t do anything wrong but every move made or word said by a republican is bashed

  1. According to the liberals, this PROVES that the President is pro-death, even if he is pro-life in the abortion debate, but that’s only because he is anti-women. Yawn.

  2. The REpubTARDS can’t find a better way to prevent a mass shooting than the death penalty.
    The REpubTARDS have no platform and zero to offer. !

  3. Bob Casey has become totally corrupted by the DNC. Now he walks in lockstep with whatever Nanci Plastic or Chuck Schumer commands him. Take the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh as an example. He said he was going to vote against him even before the false mudslinging accusations came out.

    • Initially I figured it is because it must be decided after a trial, according to the law, etc. and at that point nothing was clear yet (not even that the attacker was still alive, or whether he is mentally stable)
      Now I think it was an ideological statement by the mayor, who does not really hold much power
      Perhaps someone else can explain us.

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