Trump: People ‘Would Be So Bored’ If I Acted Presidential


President Trump on Saturday responded to criticism of his behavior as president, saying people would be bored if he were always presidential.

“I’m very presidential. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. Rick will be a great, great congressman. He will help me very much. He’s a fine man and Yong is a wonderful wife. I just want to tell you on behalf of the United States of America that we appreciate your service. We appreciate your service,” Trump said in his more “presidential” voice.

“See, that’s easy. That’s much easier than doing what I have to do. But this is much more effective. If I came like a stiff, you guys wouldn’t be here tonight,” he said as himself again.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The only reason President Trump is so loved by the majority of Americans because he’s not a Politician – a liar. Just keep up your great work to make America great again, Mr. Trump, and continue being the mentch you are, which no President before you were. And may Hashem continue giving you Heavenly assistance and protection.

  2. Mr. Trump, you SHOULD act as a President and abolish the corrupt evil federal agencies, like the CIA, FBI, GSA, NSA, Pentagon and other corrupt organizations. Start new organizations from scratch with honest and G-d fearing people.

      • Dear liberal-fascist, Judge Moore was elected to Alabama’s court by the people of Alabama, is not a federal appointee, hence can’t be fired by the President. But I cant expect you to understand such nuances, can I?


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