Trump On Whether McCain Would Have Made Better President Than Obama: “No Comment”


Trump declines to say if McCain would have made better president than Obama
President Trump on Thursday declined to say whether he thinks the late Sen. John McCain  would have made a better president than former President Obama, McCain’s 2008 rival.

“I don’t want to comment on it,” Trump said when asked the question during an interview with Bloomberg News. “I have a very strong opinion, all right.”

“Maybe I’ll give you that answer some day later,” he told the news outlet.

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  1. Between 2 egoistic selfish haters of America, who’d make a better President?
    The CIA goes by ‘who’d be a better puppet?’ Which obviously was Obama. Otherwise they’d have installed McCain.

  2. The question was a trap to make someone get upset at trump. Either liberals or McCain family. Trump is very mindful of people’s reactions and responded quite well.
    They deserve to be told not to waste the president’s time with destructive questions that yield no wisdom.

  3. ALL politicking aside, McCain was a more genuine and sensitive person than Trump could ever be. Trump’s cold deflection of his legacy now that he is passed on, shows it clear as day. I think Trump is almost a narcissist.

    • If McCain was such a great person, why was he so petty and did not invite a sitting President to come to his funeral?! Who is the one holding the grudge?


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