Trump On 2020: ‘Nobody Is Going To Come Close To Beating Me’


President Trump on Wednesday said “nobody is going to come close” to defeating him in the 2020 presidential election after criticizing The New York Times for publishing a deeply critical op-ed written by an anonymous author who the Times said was a senior official in his administration.

“We’ve done more than anybody ever thought possible in, it’s not even two years,” Trump said while addressing reporters at the White House during an event at which he spoke to sheriffs from across the country.

“We’re doing a great job,” Trump also said. “The poll numbers are through the roof.”

Read more at The Hill.



    • We need to daven that he should be right and that Hashem should continue giving him lots of siyatta Dishmaya, hatzlacha and protect him and his family.

  1. Trump USA. Jews all over the world support Trump . Look at the jobs he is creating .look at what he has done to achainu basis Yisroel . We all will go out and support President Trump this time around it’s all Republican down the line

    • How do you know he accomplished so much if every single mainstream fake news outlets (including chareidi media) are covering it all up? Are you also from those who stopped listening and reading their propaganda and go directly to real news?


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