Trump: Obamacare Repeal Still in the Works


President Donald Trump on Sunday morning lambasted critics who said his efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare were fraught, saying a new deal is in the works, the Daily Beast reports.

“Anybody (especially Fake News media) who thinks that Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare is dead does not know the love and strength of R Party!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Talks on Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare are, and have been, going on, and will continue until such time as a deal is hopefully struck,” he added. The GOP’s alternative to the Affordable Care Act, the American Health Care Act, was pulled from the House floor last month after it did not garner enough support from Republican members of the House. House Speaker Paul Ryan declared the Obamacare was the “law of the land” for the foreseeable future, and said the Republicans would, in the meantime, move on to tackling other agenda items such as tax reform. Read more at TWITTER.


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