Trump: Obama Was A ‘Patsy For Russia’


President Trump blasted former President Obama as a “patsy for Russia” in a new interview released Thursday.

Trump claimed in an interview with CNBC that he has been “far tougher on Russia than any president in many, many years, maybe ever.”

“Look at the sanctions I put on, look at the diplomats I threw out. … Nobody else did what I’ve done,” Trump said.

“Obama didn’t do it. Obama was a patsy for Russia, he was a total patsy,” he continued.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Definition of patsy. A guy to take a cigarette. Obama did and brought it the the white house.

    Trump is never to be worried. Full life a non smoker. He is interesting.

    For the life Obama made us sick. We knew he was a president with a cigarette on his lips. My days are worse. His feelings did not give us state.

    Mock him.

  2. Trump is an evil WHITE bigoted racist. He’s only making such inflammatory comments because President Obama is an African-American. He’s only trying to rile up the alt-right kkk to go out and attack blacks. Trump should step down. I call on the true Conservative, Jeff Sessions, to start the impeachment hearings! If Romney or Jeb Bush were President, never would such a racist utterance be heard! I’m ashamed to be an American.

    • If you are so ashamed there are many countries in Africa and South America you could emigrate to and in the process we would heave a sigh of relief.


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