Trump Not Letting Up on ‘Hamilton’


President-elect Donald Trump continued to hammer away at the cast of the broadway musical “Hamilton” on Sunday morning, a full 36 hours after one of the actors singled out his running mate Mike Pence in the audience and asked him to “work on behalf of all of us.”

Trump took to Twitter again to double down on his demand for an apology: “The cast and producers of Hamilton, which I hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior.” Trump also said previously that the theater should be a “safe and special place.” He continued to slam the cast on Saturday night, saying in a since-deleted tweet that they were “very rude and insulting.” Read more at TWITTER.



  1. Well of course. The corrupt DNC controlled entertainment industry will always bash and insult a right wing Republican. They’re not concerned about hurting their “feelings”. There is no safe space for Republicans. Only real left wing Liberals go to Broadway shows anyway. Only they, don’t have to work for a living, so they can go to the matinee.

  2. “Only real left wing Liberals go to Broadway shows anyway.”

    Lol! you know Pence was there, right?
    Oy how I love Republicans no wonder they got stuck with Trump


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