Trump: Non-Traditional Marriage Is “Settled” Law


In an apparent attempt to assuage the fears of Americans who believe in non-tradition marriage, a lifestyle that the Torah calls “toeivah,” President-elect Donald Trump told 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl in an interview that aired tonight, that he has no plans to roll back same-gender marriage rights.

Asked by Stahl if he personally supports marriage equality, Trump replied, “It’s irrelevant because it was already settled. It’s law. It was settled in the Supreme Court. I mean it’s done.” He went to clarify that even he were to appoint a judge who opposes marriage equality, the issue has been “settled” and he’s “fine with that.”



  1. What a filthy lowlife pervert. We knew this all along. He is another hater of Hashem Yisburach! Only Mike Huckabee & Rick Santorum, amongst the Presidential candidates, were G-d fearing upstanding moral individuals. They always say proudly that they believe in G-d’s word that marriage is between one man and one woman and THEY WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THAT!!! God defined marriage not the filthy corrupt supreme court! If Trump is afraid to defend God, then he is doomed to failure. Bringing in that ultra left wing Liberal, Reince Priebus, as his Chief of Staff, is already on a downhill spin. We are doomed as a Nation.

  2. Is it too early to call for impeachment? Everything he said in the campaign he will not honor. Hilliry going to jail? Never. Obamacare repleded ? Maybe 10% of it. Iran deal? We will live with it. Jobs? Heck the unemployment rate is just 5%, not bad. He’s a do nothing. Wait and see, yawn.

    • So it was easy. Get the animal vote, get elected and then be your own practical guy. Seems smart. No one on the democrat side told you to trust his campaign promises. But we will see more from his concerning faith.

  3. רשע

    Donald is a big rosho, an oysvorf.

    And Obamacare is not settled law??

    Obamacare was made law a few years * before * the Supreme Court toeivah decision, yet Donald still wants to get rid of it. But toeivah, which was legitimized by the supreme court much later is ‘settled law’??

    Memo to Donald – No phony ‘law that is against Hakodosh Boruch Hu is ‘settled law’!

    Were the laws of Sodom and Amorah ‘setttled law’ too Donald?

    Donald, have you never hear of the seven Noahide laws?

    You think you will get the leftists to love you with such capitulations? They will hate you anyway.

    Donald is showing that he is not reliable.

    Lemayseh the supreme court could still reverse it.

    אל תבטחו בדאנאלד, אשר פיו דבר שוא וימינו ימין שקר, רק להתפללו ולבטוח בהקב”ה

    Hopefully VP Mike Pence, who is a religious man, will take over before long, and put things in order.

    • Thank you thank you. You’re sentiment is exactly the correct Torah Hashkafa. We must not remain silent when the President elect promises us more hashchasa! His indifference is very very telling. We must speak out and let our voices be heard. If we are quiet, he will take it that if the Frum Yidden don’t care (aren’t we a light on to the nations?) why in the old should he?! Let’s hope the michanffim amongst us, who have the Donald’s ear, will give him our strong opinion.
      Maybe we can get Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, etc… to get the ball rolling to overturn this terrible “Law”. We don’t need the pig in the White house for this.

      • Supreme courts (and courts in general) routinely revisit issues and revise or overturn old rulings.

        The supreme court ruled years ago that segregation was constitutional (Plessy v. Ferguson IIRC). Then later they overturned that ruling.

  4. Candid nation.

    The scary is sometimes just your own fate.

    Be good and learn Torah. You wont worry about your neighbor’s errors. You will be making sure your own are addressed.

  5. I think Trump is under pressure to survive getting into the white house before he begins changing things. There are numerous threats on his life and the secret service probably told him to reduce the tension. The protesters in front of his tower where he is currently is very difficult to secure. By double talking about gays and other such topics he reduces the passion of these idiotic left wing protesters. Its a smart survival move. Once the supreme court becomes conservative in its majority there wont be any gay marriage or even such an agenda in public schools. Dont be foolish. He is letting the future conservative supreme court do his dirty work. We are lucky to get Trump over clinton by far.

  6. What was he elected for?!?!

    Justice Thurgood Marshall once described his legal philosophy as this: “You do what you think is right and let the law catch up”

  7. I didn’t expect him to overturn toeiva law. The one thing that he should to is make it legal for religious organizations to refuse to support LGBT and then they should be left alone.

    • And not just organizations. Businesses too. No more bakers or photographers should lose their business because they won’t do one event for long-time patrons.

  8. Nobody asked him to do anything yet about that discussing law but LISTEN UP MR. Trump, you don’t need to say the most despicable law is fine just to please your audience. NO ITS NOT FINE but you don’t know if you will have the power to change it. WIMP!!!

  9. And guess what the only way you got the position was miracle from G-d, you said that yourself. Don’t anger G-d because he has ways of getting you out as fast as he got you in. Shape up before its too late!

  10. If you voted for trump not realizing he is a rockerfeller Republican thats your own fault. I pretty much expected and hoped he was. And that he didnt really change his philosphy to much through the years. And thats why i voted donald. The rest of the far right things he said was just to get the far right to vote trump. Finally moderate Republicans are back!


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