Trump Names N.Y. Jets Owner Woody Johnson as Ambassador to U.K.


A transition official confirmed today that President-elect Donald Trump will nominate New York Jets owner Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson IV as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, the Daily Beast reports.

Johnson is a long-time Republican donor who served as a finance chair for Jeb Bush’s GOP primary campaign before formally endorsing Trump in May, following the former Florida governor’s exit from the race. He has been chairman and chief executive of Johnson Company Inc.—a private investment firm founded in the late-’70s—and purchased the Jets for $635 million in 2000.


  1. Why would Trump chose such a loser? The Jets have stunk so bad over the last 40+ years, it’s pathetic. Jet fans should revolt and teach Mr. Johnson a lesson.

  2. I guess he felt back for Woody Woodpecker. He clearly isn’t busy helping the Jets win, so he needed something to keep him occupied.


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