Trump Mansplains the World to Female Reporter


trumpDonald Trump insulted a female NBC News reporter during a live on-air interview Wednesday, calling her naïve.

When Katy Tur stumbled over a question about immigration and crime, Trump cut her off and said, “Come on, try getting it out.” Trump continued: “Don’t be naïve. You’re a very naïve person,” he told her when she referred to the Pew Research Center as an independent source.

He then followed up by telling her, “I mean, I don’t know if you’re going to put this on television, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Trump stuck to his guns on immigration and bashed Hillary Clinton as the “worst [secretary of state] in the history of the United States.”


{CB Frommer – Newscenter}


  1. This guy’s great. We need him to talk about the real issues. Then he should drop out before making America into a laughingstock. But if BO got in, you never know.

  2. War against the Angel of Death.

    This guy has no mind, soul of restitution or value for human ease.

    He might have the same result as Nixon. He ease of human value will change in the varied future.

    Ultimately, you can see evidence of Nixon’s demise. Study his handwriting over the years. His signature devolves.

    I suppose that the same will be true of the Donald.

    The Work from heaven becomes limited and he has no future direction in his changing sleeve of hate for all that happens.

    Never Again.

  3. I would just love to know the original language of post #2 and also its translate program. My best guess: Pig Latin & the alpha version of Microsoft Bob.

  4. Why is matzav buying, in to the left wing media propaganda trying to lynch this guy??? I’m not a chossid of his, but why the agenda against him??

  5. What a blunder!
    What does this have to do with her being a “female” reporter!
    What is “Mansplaining”!

    Wow, I hope Matsav is not going to way of other “religious” “Jewish” news sites by carrying garbage headlines, and sculpting issue out of material that does not support it!

  6. Trump has some significant truths in many of his statements. BUT he as proven he cannot be President because he has no finesse, no ability to feel empathy and he has no ability to control his temper. All bad traits for a President. He is cooking his own goose because of his huge ego and narcissism

  7. Trump had some very valid points and in the beginning I valued the way he tells it like it is. But he is proving over and over that he is way to narcissistic to ever be a leader of our country.
    He devalues everyone, he has zero ability to empathize or feel remorse for things he says and the manner in which he treats people. I’m afraid he would cause so many insults to leaders of other countries and other men and women in congress that war would break out abroad and on the home front. He has no ability to censor his tongue


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