Trump ‘Looking Into’ 3-D Plastic Guns: ‘Doesn’t Seem To Make Much Sense’


President Trump said Tuesday that he is “looking into” 3-D plastic guns, adding that he had spoken to the National Rifle Association (NRA) about them.

“I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public,” he tweeted. “Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!”

The Trump administration has faced criticism over the issue after the Defense Department settled with a gun rights activist last month over the distribution of 3-D firearm blueprints. The downloadable plans range from rudimentary handguns to rifles similar to an AR-15. The plans can be used by anyone with a 3-D printer and minimal outside materials to create an untraceable firearm.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. The plans can be used to create untraceable firearms that will be useful for exactly 1 shot, after which it will blow apart. Plastic is not great for guns. It is easier for criminals to get illegal guns then it is to print them. Bullets are metal, so no, you couldn’t do anything even if you did sneak a 3d printed gun past security. There are a ton of 3d printed gun blueprints out there, and people are only focusing on them now because of the artificial hysteria-thanks fake news networks. Oh, and if someone is capable of downloading blueprints and using a 3d printer to create them, they can likely design their own 3d printed guns. The software is not that difficult. The only way to stop this is to ban 3d printers or for government to regulate what you can do on the internet- an absolute disaster for freedom. Once again, hysteria about guns is being spread by ignoramuses with a political agenda.

    • You make some valid points, but overlook others.
      Here’s my take on some of your points:
      1) Printed guns are not sturdy and will only last for a shot or two. This is correct which means a mass shooting will not be committed by someone using a printed gun. The Las Vegas massacre was only possible with multiple sturdy guns that were able to sustain a high rate of fire.
      2) The bullets a plastic gun uses are metal and can be detected. Partially true – a .22 caliber bullet is quite small and may or may not be detectable, depending on the sensitivity of the detector and how well concealed it is.
      3) Someone who can download and use plastic gun blueprints can design their own. Completely disagree – the ability to follow instructions in no way indicates the ability to design an object.

      While a one or two-shot weapon isn’t effective for a mass shooting, it can be an excellent weapon for a terrorist or an assassin, especially if it’s difficult to detect. Remember, President Lincoln was assassinated with a single-shot tiny derringer. C”v if terrorists smuggled some aboard an airplane or in the vicinity of an important elected official. As such, they are a real threat and not exaggerated by any means.


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