Trump: Lieberman Is My Top Choice for FBI Director


President Trump on Thursday told reporters that former Sen. Joe Lieberman is his top choice for FBI director, following the ouster of James Comey last week. The president said he was “very close” to making his official nomination and that the two men met on Wednesday. Trump said he found Lieberman “agreeable.”

Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been interviewing candidates since Comey was suddenly fired last Tuesday, a move which drew bipartisan ire because of the bureau’s ongoing investigation into Russian meddling—with Trump’s potential assistance—in the U.S. election. Lieberman, a 75-year-old Democrat-turned-independent senator from Connecticut, was Al Gore’s vice presidential nominee in 2000 and then ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, which he lost. Read more at CNN.



    • As a mensch, Joe is on the top of the list. However, he has zero experience in law enforcement, so I don’t think he’s a good choice.

      That’s the one problem with him.

  1. leftist. Didnt want to help Jonathan Pollard get out of prison. my husband asked him in shul , years ago, please help Pollard.He turned away.

  2. I used to really like Joe. He was orthodox to me and I was a reform jew. I wanted to learn more about orthodoxy.

    Then I started to learn Torah. He has been less on my feelings of faith due to the fact that he has never even grown a beard and he does not keep his head covered nor does he wear tzitzits. There is no total joy of yiddishkeit.

    Still a funny guy. How quaint to become a Trumpite. He must have taken the loyalty oath. And I doubt it is just buying Trump wine.

    Scandal for the democrats. This guy Mr. Leiberman is a Trumpite Jew. All the gold and none of the full value of Torah. Still, maybe he has more to learn.

    Aging soul.

    • anonymous – speaking of having more to learn, perhaps if you learn a little more torah you may discover that it’s mutar to shave according to many poskim, that many have a legitimate minhag not wear tzitzis out (including Rav Dovid Feinstein), and that it’s mutar for people in certain professions to not wear their yarmulkas in public. Perhaps if you learn even further you will find that badmouthing other Jews is worse than any of those practices.

  3. Maybe his wife Haddasa can form a chavrusashaft with Ivanka and teach her a little bit about Yiddishkeit.

  4. Who needs it?

    We are in golus, let us not forget that. Even America is golus.

    We should try to keep a low profile.

    Don’t look for tzaros Joe, stay where you are now, enjoy your retirement.

  5. Terrible choice for so many reasons?

    He is a political fool, I heard explain how bad Hillary is/was and yet he said he voted for her.

    A typical politician, no principals!!!!

    Anyhow he would be a terrible choice for many reasons!!!

  6. Can we stop bad mouthing out own. You may disagree with things he does, but there in no toeles in this loshon hara. Please stop it.

  7. lieberman had to make many halachic compromises in his former position. i was glad when for his sake when he left politics. getting back in –and the fbi is political–does not bod well for him as a yid or for us as a nation


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