Trump: Kim Summit ‘Better Than Anybody Could Have Expected’


President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were heading to “a signing” after their “fantastic meeting,” Trump told reporters Tuesday after emerging from a working lunch at their Singapore summit.

“A really fantastic meeting,” Trump said with Kim at his side. “A lot of progress, really very positive, I think better than anybody could have expected. Top of the line, really good. We’re going right now for a signing.”

The two leaders did not respond to reporters’ questions on what they would be signing.


Read more at  The Hill.



  1. May Hashem continue giving President Trump siyatta Dishmaya and protect him and his family.

  2. Boy is Hillary-twice-presidential-candidate-loser seething. Yesterday, Monday, she still tried to stop President Trump as he prepares for this historical event and made phone calls to Congress over the Justice Dept’s decision that Obamacare’s individual mandate are unconstitutional. And she tweeted:

    Hillary Clinton, 5:57 AM 11 Jun 2018
    “Here we go again. The Trump Admin is trying to take away your health care by ending protections for ppl w/ pre-existing conditions. It will hurt millions of Americans. Spread the word. Call your Congress member & tell them to stand up for you: 202-224-3121”


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