Trump: Jews ‘Helped Guide the Moral Character’ of US


President Trump issued a proclamation on Monday to kick off Jewish American Heritage Month.

“Jewish Americans have helped guide the moral character of our Nation, Trump said. “They have maintained a strong commitment to engage deeply in American society while also preserving their historic values and traditions. Their passion for social justice and showing kindness to strangers is rooted in the beliefs that God created all people in his image and that we all deserve dignity and peace. These beliefs have inspired Jewish Americans to build mutual-support societies, hospitals, and educational institutions that have enabled them and their fellow Americans to advance American society. Jewish Americans marched for civil rights in Selma and fought for the freedom of their brethren behind the Iron Curtain. Through their actions, they have made the world a better place.”

He continued: “The contributions of the Jewish people to American society are innumerable, strengthening our Nation and making it more prosperous. American Jews have proudly served our country in all branches of government, from local to Federal, and they have defended our freedom while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The indelible marks that American Jews have left on literature, music, cinema, and the arts have enriched the American soul. In their enduring tradition of generosity, Jewish Americans have established some of the largest philanthropic and volunteer networks in the Nation, providing humanitarian aid and social services to those in need at home and abroad, acting as a “light unto the nations.” Universities and other institutions around the country proudly display Nobel prizes won by Jewish Americans in the fields of medicine, chemistry, physics, and economics.”

“The American Jewish community is a shining example of how enshrining freedom of religion and protecting the rights of minorities can strengthen a nation,” Trump declared. “Through their rich culture and heritage, the Jewish people have triumphed over adversity and enhanced our country. For this and many other reasons, the American Jewish community is deserving of our respect, recognition, and gratitude.”

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  1. It’s RELIGIOUS JEWS who helped guide THE MORAL CHARACTER of the country while liberal secular Jews who dropped the yoke of Torah and dropped G-d helped destroy the moral character of the country. NYT, CNN and other fake media outlets, as well as many corrupt politicians are all secular Jews out to destroy America and the world. George Soros is a good example of a secular bitter Jew. Sadly, these evil G-dless Jews are much better at it than Goyim.

  2. “The indelible marks that American Jews have left on literature, music, cinema, and the arts have enriched the American soul.”

    American Jews have also influenced Hollywood’s immorality, anti Torah ideals, and extreme liberal trash.

  3. This is a terrible terrible breach of separation of Church and State! Trump should resign immediately!

  4. But… but… but… according to “The Forward” and the ADL, he’s a froth at the mouth anti-semitic, white nationalist neo-nazi sympathizer! Is it even possible that they’re wrong?

    (For those of you who don’t recognize sarcasm when you see it, THAT was sarcasm)

  5. Yes it was the Orthodox Jews that bring morality and voted in mass for Donald Trump. It’s the secular assimilated reform Jews who hate Trump and support the downfall of America through their support of immorality.

  6. Jews can be a help in any nation. Even the unlawful are still jews. The King may have a plan for them even as they have a future to make repentance. Count not the presence of Hashem in the human race. It is by every jew he is felt.

    But of course, if the orthodox did the full contribution of managing to humanity how the USA is good, it is not always just our community and our workday. It is the davening we do with full Torah mind that makes the King of Heaven more inclined to reduce antisemitism and offer good honor and jobs to our people.

    Israel must work. There must be kosher rights and kosher reality.

    In all thought, the kiruv works. Even if your friend does not stop his abominations, your efforts still make Israel stronger your own reward.

    A faith that Hashem is our King.

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