Trump: It Seems Like Everyone Wants Me To Run For Reelection


President Trump said in a new interview that “everybody” wants him to run for reelection.

British commentator Piers Morgan interviewed the president aboard Air Force One during his recent visit to the United Kingdom, and detailed their conversation for the Daily Mail.

Morgan asked Trump if there was “any doubt” he would run again in 2020.

“I fully intend to,” Trump responded. “It seems like everybody wants me to.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Yes all Orthodox Jews want you to run. It’s the secular lefty reformers who don’t. But very shortly they will be history because they don’t marry and don’t have kids and most are old.

    • not all
      There are some Orthodox jews who place middos above all.

      That isnt to say he hasnt done some (a lot?) of good.

      • He was elected by Orthodox Jews for his strong characteristics: being G-d fearing, honest, kind, compassionate with morals and values.
        Most Jews are G-d fearing and kind and can relate to him because of it. Others are honest and can relate to him because of this. Those who do not have any of his characteristics (like liberals, msm and those who thrive on lawlessness and filth) are against him. B”H last time he won in a landslide because most people in the US have at least 1 characteristic like him they can relate to.

      • When fighting the lefty Jew hating crowd you need a tough president. Trump is the best president Orthodox Jews ever had in the history of America. I as an Orthodox fox Jew raised over a hundred thousand dollars for his election. Every penny was well spent. I knew he would free Rubashkin,move the embassy and invite only orthodox rabbis to his Chanukah party. This was in the summer of 2015. I approached a number of orthodox leaders and politicians and they all looked at me like I was crazy. I recall one yelled at me TRUMP TRUMP but I knew what he would do more than anyone else.

  2. Listen, I voted for him and will again, but NOT everyone wants him to run again. I don’t understand how he makes oblivious comments like that. It just makes him look so foolish.

  3. B’ezer Hashem, Mr. Trump will run again, and win again. And every Jew who cares about Yiddishkeit, hakaras hatov, this country, Israel, etc. b’kitzur, anything we Torah Jews care about, will vote for Trump, and we should daven for his success as well. He’s proven himself time over as a true oheiv Yisroel, as pro American, as pro military, as a moralist, etc. (I’m talking about in the public sector – not pro every abomination that the left throws in our faces) [and yes, bill clinton, shneiderman, wiener, strozk, charlie rose, etc. all those great moral stalwarts of the left – oh, come on! stop this retardation of the moral high ground that the media espouses about themselves – they’re the lowest of the lowest of the low, and they are pushing that to be the world’s moral standard. Bilam would be their frontrunner hands down! It’s like their concern for children of illegal immigrants – but if it’s unborn americans then they can be cut to pieces.)

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