Trump: ‘Inconceivable’ Obama Didn’t Know About ISIS Threat


trump1It’s “inconceivable” that President Barack Obama didn’t know about the growing threat of the Islamic State (ISIS), as the president claimed in an interview, Donald Trump told “Fox & Friends.”

“He has these people reporting to him. They talk to him all the time. How can they not know? Everybody else knew. Other people over there knew,” Trump said Monday. “He doesn’t know what’s going on as they take over big sections of Iraq? That’s inconceivable to me.”

Obama claimed on CBS’ “Sixty Minutes” that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” Trump said that statement followed a pattern where Obama was quick to blame someone else for failures in his administration.

“He’s hard to watch. And, constantly blaming other people,” the real estate and entertainment mogul said. “His history is that he blames everybody. He doesn’t know what’s going on.”

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  1. You really think radical leftist Obama went on “60 Minutes” to tell the truth?

    Obama knew that he would be interviewed by a media sycophant so that he could score political points with the Left.

    With Obama, its not about ISIS; rather, its about politics and the Democrat party first and everything else later.


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