Trump: Illegals Are Murdering ‘By the Thousands’


trumpDonald Trump says illegal immigrants are murdering Americans “by the thousands,” and it is one of the reasons he will keep targeting immigration this election cycle.

Trump made the comments during his interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” when asked about Jamiel Shaw, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. Shaw endorsed Trump.

“He’s an amazing man,” Trump said of Shaw. “His son was a good student, was so exceptional. He was probably going to go to Stanford on a full scholarship, football. He was a quarterback. He’s a beautiful kid. His father loved him so much.”

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But that is just one story, Trump added. “This is happening by the thousands,” Trump said.

“Illegal immigrants are killing thousands of people. It happened just recently in California, where a veteran, a 66-year-old veteran, female, raped, killed and sodomized by an illegal immigrant. It’s so out of control.”

In addition, he said illegal immigrants are “taking jobs, they’re taking a lot of other things. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. We have to create a border and we have to build a wall. And the wall will work.”




  1. Trump is the best friend of illegals (who are here ILLEGALLY, having broken our immigration laws) with his outrageous claims. I strongly suspect that his candidacy is sponsored by the DNC as part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.


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