Trump: I’ll Do ‘Great’ With Muslims


trumpRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he expects to do “great” with Muslim voters.

The AP reports that Trump told reporters before a rally in Worcester, Massachusetts, that he’s confident he’ll win over Muslims in addition to Hispanic voters because he’s talking about security issues.

Trump has said he believes the U.S. will have no choice but to close some mosques because of radical activity.

Trump is also continuing to criticize President Barack Obama’s response to the attacks in Paris.

He says if Obama won’t refer to such acts as “radical Islamic terrorism,” he’s not going to be able to solve the problem. “I don’t even know if he wants to solve the problem,” Trump says.



  1. good morning – not only doesn’t Obama want to solve the problem, he wants it to grow. This must be part of HKBH’s plan because it makes no sense that nobody is even trying to stop him…


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