Trump: If I Fought Biden, ‘It Would Not Last Long’


President Trump at a campaign rally in Topeka, Kansas Saturday night said that a fight with former Vice President Joe Biden “would not last long.”

“Remember he challenged me to a fight. ‘I’d like to take him behind the barn.’ I’d love that. That wouldn’t last long. That would not last long. That wouldn’t last long,” Trump said, imitating Biden.

Trump pointed to his forearm and pretended to blow on Biden, who he then suggested would fall over.

“He’s down, and he’ll never get up,” Trump then said.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Joy. Trump is fitting a future with his hand holding Israel’s tzitzits. Where is Biden? Just putting his dime against the fringe.

    Its a poor courtesy but Mr. Trump is up against so many wax dummies that the whole world can see his world has problem occurrence. He is our president.

  2. Joe Biden’s time as a useful idiot for the Democrat party, has run its course. He is now viewed as a worthless piece of meat but he is too dumb & stupid to realize that. He might get 6 votes from his security guards but that’s it.


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