Trump: ‘I Love’ That Hawaii Officials Took Responsibility For False Missile Alert


President Trump made his first public comments since the false alarm of a ballistic missile heading toward Hawaii, saying he thought it was “terrific” that the state took responsibility for the error.

“That was a state thing but we are going to now get involved with them. I love that they took responsibility. They took total responsibility,” Trump told reporters Sunday.

“But we are going to get involved. Their attitude and their — I think it is terrific. They took responsibility. They made a mistake,” he continued.

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  1. At the end of the article it clearly states that it wasn’t a false alarm.
    “The White House said that the alert was “purely a state exercise” despite it being revealed to be an accident.”
    In other words, it was an exercise to get people ready for nuclear war.

    • “Purely a state exercise” means that the accident was a state matter, and Hawaii resolved the accident (in about 20 minutes) without the need for federal intervention.

      Get over it.


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