Trump: Dems Are ‘Party of Obstruction’


President Donald Trump went after the Democratic Party in an early-morning tweet today, calling them “the party of obstruction” because they lack a “real leader,” the Daily Beast reports.

Trump’s critique comes on the heels of a rally last night in Pennsylvania during which he blasted the media and the Democrats while celebrating his first 100 days in office. “They are only interested in themselves and not in what’s best for U.S.,” Trump said in the tweet.

The president decided in February that he would skip yesterday’s annual White House Correspondents Dinner, a traditional coming-together of the press and the White House in celebration of the First Amendment.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump went after ObamaCare and said the Democrats are only trying to save it because they “want billions to go to insurance companies to bail out donors.” He promised a new plan with “lower premiums & deductibles.” Read more at TWITTER.




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