Trump Dares Cuomo To Run Against Him In 2020


President Trump slammed Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday on guns, high taxes and dared the Democrat to challenge him for the White House in 2020, the NY Post reports.

Speaking at a campaign event in Utica, Trump said Cuomo telephoned him and pledged to “never” run against Trump for president. “But maybe he wants to,” Trump said of Cuomo’s aspirations. “Please do it. Please do it. Please!”

Trump added: “The one thing we know … anybody that runs against Trump suffers. That’s the way it should be.”

Speaking at the rally to support Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) in a tough reelection fight, Trump told supporters Cuomo is the “one reason” New Yorkers have high taxes. The adoring Trump supporters booed. He also said Cuomo wants to “end your Second Amendment.”



  1. If Voter ID will not be implemented, any Democrat even Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Mrs. Barack Obama can win with all the frauds and rigged machines that the corrupt FBI and CIA Mafia have up their sleeves.

  2. Are you sure mr. President?
    Cuomo has shown that he is innovative and sharp. When he wanted to increase jobs and state revenue, he suggested or implemented novel ideas.
    More gambling
    More commercial fighting shows e.g. Kickboxing
    Legalize marijuana.
    Wow what a genius. Booze gambling and violence. The perfect concoction to elevate society. Not to mention he spent BILLIONS of dollars on infrastructure yet the subway still needs over due maintenance. The unions love him. He raised minimum wage to $15. He gave unions fat contracts and raised the salary standard.

  3. Mr. Cuomo will not be able to run unless he first gets permission from Oprah, Kamala Harris, & Eric Holder. Hey Andrew, how dare you push an African American out of the way just to run for higher office?!

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