‘Trump’ Children’s Word Of The Year


His name is never out of the headlines, and “Trump” now seems to have taken over the playground too – as it is named children’s “word of the year”.

The Oxford University Press made the claim after analysing more than 130,000 children’s stories submitted for BBC Radio 2’s annual story-writing competition 500 Words.

The US president’s name came up more than any other – suggesting how much Donald Trump’s larger-than-life personality has become part of UK children’s literary imaginations.

But the presidential name has been used in many unfamiliar settings, creating new words and characters, such as Boggle Trump, Snozzle Trump, Trumplestilskin and Trumpyness. Read more at BBC.



  1. Guess it now. The children of this generation are going to all be big gamblers in the casinos some day. Care to wonder how a man’s profession in office effects the community? Trump and gambling are synonymous with pity and war.

    The worst effect on any man or woman’s mind is incessant gambling. Trump to plan a future is a gamble.

    Please would be a suffice to leave this president on his last word soon. Let it be resignation or impeachment should dare the likely wit be had.


      • Golden man. Do you learn your working ethics at the builders square or just the diaper department?

        Clearly you have no concept of a human society or how to fix human trust in Hashem by the will of man and his ability to tax properly the rich and aim that we have a coherent society.

        When you make society more coherent, the liberal voice will seem more intelligent to your corner of empty pocket minded hate.

        Good luck.

    • If Trump is synonymous with your gambling baloney without proof or reason, how would you describe your candidate Hillary a well known and well documented criminal champion?
      Where do you pick up your bobkess and lies from?

      • Gee man. Grammar and syntax did not work hard in your school room. You are less the comedy and more the clown. Hillary is well known a liberal mind who has assets of family and wealth. She has served the USA in many roles and perhaps more. Are you worried about your own bobkiss and loss? This is a community we want to build.

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