Trump Calls Saudi Explanation For Journalist’s Death Credible, Arrests ‘Good First Step’


President Trump on Friday night called Saudi Arabia’s explanation for the death of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi credible and said that the arrests of more than a dozen Saudi nationals were “a good first step.”

“It’s a big step. There’s a lot of people involved,” Trump said while speaking during a roundtable with top defense contractors in Arizona.

Trump added that “Saudi Arabia has been a great ally, but what happened is unacceptable.”

When asked if he found the Saudi’s explanation credible, Trump responded, “I do.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. The victim was a lot of things; “journalist” was perhaps number 10 on the list. The guy was primarily a highly connected Islamic Brotherhood operative, with ties to American swamp and previous Saudi governments, friend of Osama Bin Laden, lover of Hamas, hater of Jews. The deceased stepped on some royal toes by trying to sabotage the new away-from-wahabism direction of the Saudis. If anything, the West should say good riddance. Interestingly enough, the Western liberal-fascists don’t mind real journalists being persecuted by the Turkish government, just as they don’t mind Putin and Mexican drug cartels persecuting their journalists. Obviously the left is trying to help out their Muslim Brotherhood allies. Trump should point out all these facts, and turn the tables on the hypocritical liberal press. Also, investigate how did this guy got a green card way faster than it usually takes.

  2. Jamal Khashoggi knew too many dark secrets about US and Saudi intel collusion, primarily related to the 9/11 terror incidents. And with his increasing volubility as a critical journalist in a prominent American news outlet The Washington Post – AN OUTLET FOR THE CIA, it was time to silence him. The Saudis as hitmen, the American CIA as facilitators. JOHN BRENNAN?


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