Trump: Biden Would Run If Clinton Indicted


Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested that Vice President Joe Biden would run if Hillary Clinton were indicted and put on trial for her handling of her email while secretary of state.

“If she – for instance, gets indicted – if she has to go on trial, they’re going to have Biden or somebody else come in, we’ll see what happens. I wouldn’t mind that either,” Trump said in an interview with radio host Simon Conway, boasting that he didn’t think Biden would do well. “But he could come in. I’ve heard of numerous people. But I have a feeling if she’s indicted – which a lot of people – say she will be. I say maybe not because they’re going to protect her but a lot of people say she will be.”

Trump is relying on quite a bit of speculation here – that Clinton could be criminally prosecuted for her use of a private server while secretary of state and that Biden might run instead – and portraying Democrats as a wrecked party.

Biden has made it clear he has no plans to run: after much speculation, he said last year he felt there wasn’t enough time for both his family to mourn the loss of Biden’s son, heal, and for him to mount a successful bid.

In the interview on WHO radio, Trump also said he’d reverse DACA – Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals, the executive order that gives work permits and forbids deportations for roughly 5 million immigrants who were illegally brought into the country by their parents before 2007 – if he got the chance, adding that he’d do it before it got to the Supreme Court. Trump won’t actually have the chance to “revoke” the bill before it hits the Court – they’ve said they’ll rule on it soon – but the interview signals how Trump would handle the young immigrants – so called “Dreamers” as president.


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  1. I think Obama will run when Hillary gets indicted. He will create an executive order to bypass the Constitution, like he has done in the past.


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