‘Trump Baby’ Blimp Could Soon Fly In U.S


The blimp portraying Donald Trump as a snarling baby that flew over London last week during the U.S. president’s European tour could soon be in New Jersey’s skies after activists said they had raised enough money to bring it to the United States.

Anti-Trump activists by mid-day Monday had raised more than $8,000 on GoFundMe.com, more than the $4,500 they said they had needed to get the diaper-wearing helium balloon to Bedminster, New Jersey, home of the Trump National Golf Club that the president regularly visits.

Organizer Didier Jiminez-Castro said he hoped the balloon would spur enthusiasm for Democratic candidates in November’s congressional elections.


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    • If hillarey won all the yeshivas would have to close down from satmar to Torah Vadaas. Why you wonder. The radical liberals along with the fact there would of been now 6 to 3 liberal majority judges in the Supreme Court would force every Yeshiva to teach evolution and same gender Toeiva courses. You think it’s baloney. Look what’s happening in Europe to yeshivas. If they don’t agree to this Toeiva teachings they get closed down. It’s not a joke. Wake up you democratic lackeys. The Democratic Party is not the same as years ago. It’s been radicalized.

    • Let’s see how the animals (who used to be knows as Democrats just 1.5 years ago) would react to a Hillary to jail blimp AS WELL AS an Obama to jail blimp.

  1. They should make a Reagan one too. Anything to goad the GOP. If they make a GWBush one or Daddy Bush, I see gay. Daddy makes it. Sin too alcoholic in youth to be a good inflate.

    It would be fun. Reagan and Trump? Maybe best 2 modern presidents.

    Gold says yes.

  2. Gezunteh heit – fly whatever balloon you want. Freedom of speech allows it, same as it allows us to say whatever we want about President Trump, ex-prez Obama or anyone else.

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