Trump: ‘Attorney–Client Privilege Is Dead!’ 

President Donald Trump has declared “attorney–client privilege is dead” the morning after the FBI raided the offices of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.
Officials in New York are said to have seized documents relating to a payout in a raid the president has called a “disgrace” and an “attack on our country.”
Tweeting this morning, the president said the raid marked the end of attorney-client privilege—which keeps communications between an attorney and clients secret—and said that it was an unfair targeting of his personal lawyer. “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!” blasted the president in a second tweet. Read it here.


  1. I’m no fan of Trump but he is right.

    Imagine had the FBI raided the office of Obama or Clinton’s attorney without warrants.

  2. What people need to realize here is that the “powers that be” which control the government from behind the scenes – are on a campaign to remove Trump from office and they will not stop until he either resigns or is impeached. It’s a scary thought that although he was democratically elected by the people, these powers will have him removed from office.

  3. Only Democrats are allowed privacy. Those evil white bigoted racist Republican males aught to be constantly exposed.


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