Trump Asked Netanyahu If He Actually Cares About Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is welcomed by US President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, D.C., February 15, 2017. Photo by Avi Ohayon/GPO *** Local Caption *** áéáé áðéîéï ðúðéäå ôâéùä àøöåú äáøéú àîøé÷ä ãåðìã èøàîô ðùéà àøöåú äáøéú

President Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call last year if if he actually cares about peace.

Trump had read news reports about Netanyahu building additional settlements to please his conservative supporters, something Trump viewed as an unnecessary move meant to anger the Palestinians.

Trump then asked Netanyahu if he genuinely wants peace of not, according to three sources familiar with the call who spoke to Axios. No word on what the Prime Minister responded.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. היתכן שאדמו”ר צדיק הדור דונולד הראשון ציס”ע אמר דבר כזה
    הרי כולנו יודעים שהוא צדיק אמיתי, אוהב ישראל שאין כמוהו מימות אלכסנדר מוקדן ועד עתה, כמו המלך אחשורוש בימיו

    אע”כ צריכים לומר שזה “פייק ניוז” על ידידנו חסידא ופרישא המלך דונולד

    • Really? Based on the writer, the organization, or both? Or is this just the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and saying “Lalalalala, I can’t hear you”?

  2. Mr. Netanyahu- do you realize that when a president asks you if you are serious about peace and a jew like me says you are not it is because you have NO TORAH? Where is the peace in your frame of mind and the peace in your conjecture? I am sure I am writing to the wall but sadly, you are not even a ponim that the Arabs can trust.

    We have Torah. Its ways are ways of peace. Why any leader can be trusted to be our best cause and disavow Kosher mind kosher rights and kosher thought is a baffle.

    There will be no peace and all the conservative and reform influences are pushing it in that direction.

    The only one who brings us times of good is Hashem. We can petition him in prayer. He listens to our davening mind.

    Netanyahu is a nice guy, great speech, wise words. To be quoted and kept. But will he take the steps to peace? They begin in synagogue, not the board room and not the knesset’s lavoratory. Maybe he is just in the wrong place.


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