Trump Adviser Thanks “Shemtov and Team” for Kashering His Kitchen


President Donald Trump’s international negotiator Jason Greenblatt tweeted a photo of Washington DC Shluchim Shua Hecht and Menachem Shemtov kashering his kitchen.

Greenblatt wrote: “Thank you to @shemtovdc and his team for getting my new kitchen kosher tonight. Now I can eat!”

Last month, Trump named his longtime attorney, who also has advised him on Israel, to the position of “special representative for international negotiations.” It was not immediately clear whether Greenblatt’s position would be based at the White House or within a Cabinet agency and what exactly would be his mandate. In a statement dfirst confirming the appointment, Trump said Greenblatt would be “assisting on international negotiations of all types, and trade deals around the world.”




  1. As frum yidden we don’t realize how lucky we are with this presidency… It’s so pro israel and jewish… Lets hope trump will take the extra step of pardoning rubashkin…

  2. Wow, we in dodge city are impressed, that a comment made for a jewish assistant to the president, made alot of sense and no yente comment was associated with. Lets hope that they get Rubashkin and Pollard out of their chains.


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