Trump Administration: “Nobody Is Asking For A Freeze Here”


The U.S. and Israel have concluded a round of talks aimed at getting Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table. 

Trump administration officials have denied reports that the Israelis rejected a proposal for a partial settlement freeze.

“The notion that Israelis have rebuffed proposals…none of it is correct,” a senior Trump administration official said, according to a Wall Street Journal report. “Nobody is asking for a freeze here.”

“Overall, it’s about how do you create an environment and a climate that allows for resuming the direct negotiations, which are the key for progress to be made,” said the official. “In order for there to be a peace deal that is done, it has to be done in direct talks between the two parties, and both of those parties deciding how they’re going to pursue this, the shape of an agreement, and what compromises they are willing to make and how this all will be hammered out.”


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