Trump Administration Considering Cracking Down On Legal Definition Of Gender


The Trump administration is weighing a change that would require individuals to identify as male or female based on their birth, tightening gender definitions that had offered more leeway to non-conforming individuals, The New York Times reported Sunday.

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed in a memo obtained by the news outlet that government agencies adopt a definition of gender that is determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The White House and Department of Defense announced earlier this year that those individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the military, a policy that was rejected by multiple judges.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. It’s facinating that This President Who is a menuvil in his personal life will ultimately end up saving this country from the liberal democrats corruption.

    • Actually whatever is alleged about Trump’s amorous affairs is completely permitted for a goy. It’s not like he was ever involved with someone else’s wife, nor was he involved in “alternative life style”. Neither are his alleged affairs are out of the ordinary by the US goyishe cultural standards; even more so by the corrupt Washington DC standards. Your characterization of Trump as a “menuval” shows your complete confusion about the term.

    • You’re referring to President Trump with derogatory terms WITHOUT ANY proof whatsoever. A person looks at others because of their own faults… Trump is probably from the most honest, moral and G-d fearing non-Jews in the world. Halevai it could be said about you, Anon 5:37.

    • Is it XX or XY chromosomes? That’s how you tell. Any one in a million mutations that don’t have the normal chromosomes can be assigned whatever.

  2. The Liberals have done all they can to destroy this once great Nation. President Trump is trying to stem the tide. Baruch Hashem. Kol hakavod to him. If Jerrold Nadler can’t accept that, he should leave the Country.

  3. To all those שוטים who opposed him: once again we see president Trump help the country hang on to a shred of decency. Imagine if you foolish antiTrump would’ve had your way……

    • And if he’s a conservative, so what? You cannot deny that he’s a far cry from America’s First Legally Elected President, The Greatest President in US History. May we continue praying that Hashem continue giving him lots of Heavenly assistance and protect him and his family from the evil forces in his midst.

  4. This gender nonsense must stop. These sickos are coming up with new “genders”. They claim to be neither male nor female but water, sky, a tree, flower, non-gender animals. Real nuts!

    • excuse me!? I identify as a donkey. so think about what loshon hara your saying before posting! and i happen to have a friend who identifies as a flower. sicko

  5. They should make genders: Right and Left. Parents should not be allowed to force their children to become Leftist-reckless-Democrats, although they may convince their children to join the Rightist-lawful-Republicans.

  6. So will NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio follow the law? He is breaking the law by allowing NYC to be a sanctuary city.

  7. a tiny percentage of people in the world are forcing this on everyone how is this happening? have we all become stupid? my granddaughter had a baby recently. when filling out the form for a birth certificate, she was given the option of checking M, F, or undecided!!!

  8. This tiny percentage has more chutzpah than everyone else. Look at the chutzpah and uncontrollable violence the tiny Democratic party – which consists of less than 20% of the population – has. Indeed, how is it that such a majority has so little power to control the savages and crazies?


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