Tri-State Area Braces For Yet Another Winter Blas


snowstormHere we go again. Another winter storm is moving into the New York area. New York City and northern New Jersey are expected to get one to three inches of snow while the majority of the accumulation was expected to wind up on Long Island and south of the city.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for coastal central New Jersey through Monday.

New York City issued a snow alert beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Department of Sanitation will be loading salt spreaders and readying plows, tire chains and supplementary personnel. Alternate-side parking rules have been suspended for Monday.

Read more at CBS NY.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Its stupid “articles” like this that are part of the dumbing down of America! Wow, dog bites man. Wow, its the winter and its snowing. Woopee do! Why does Matzav feel the need to drop down to the level of a 2 year old? Why do you continue to get “articles” from the lowest of goyim with treiffa hashkafos? Please grow up already.

  2. Some kind of Purim joke the weather forecasters pulled on us. Not a fleck of snow when I woke up. Hope they keep on being wrong. It works out fine for me that way

  3. This place is for the polar bears. I’m packing out and going to a place with normal weather like Florida or California. You idiots can freeze!


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