Video: “Traif” Restaurant Causes Stir in Willy


traif-restaurant[See today’s Matzav Featured Video or video below.] The New York Post reports: This is one Jew who has decided to live high on the hog. Jason Marcus is opening a restaurant for people who “like bacon with everything” and wish that their “bowls of moules-frites would never end” in the middle of the Orthodox enclave of Williamsburg.The pork and shellfish eatery located at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge at 229 S. Fourth St. even has a provocative name — Traif, the Yiddish word for all things non-kosher and unbecoming.

“I figured most people would not know what it meant and be curious,” Marcus, 30, said.

“I love to eat bacon and shellfish,” he said.

The opening of the naughty noshery has riled rabbis in the area. But at least one Hasidic activist, Isaac Abraham, said he was actually happy with the restaurant’s name.

“It’s the red blinking light to not enter,” he said.

The hog haven attracted more than 50 people at its opening night last Tuesday — including a group of Hasidic Jews.

“They said they were upset with God for forbidding them to eat pork cheeks,” Marcus claimed.

For a video about the eatery, see today’s Matzav Featured Video or click below:

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{NY Post/Noam Newscenter}


  1. did they say this person was a jew??? what kind of jew is that? he does not even deserve to be called a jew! he probably gags on his food but does it just so he can go against the torah!!

  2. This guy is a provacateur and should go home. My wife enjoys watching the Food Channel on cable. (Yes, we are out of towners.) I nearly fell off my chair when a BBQ cooking competition show went on with two contestants being the past year’s winner — a retired Cardiologist Dr. Cohen from Hollywood Florida — cooking BBQ chazir burgers. I thought is this the gilgul of a pasul Cohen Gadol from the Roman Bayis Sheni? Could be. His son also was competing. Horrible. I hope they were not born from Yiddish Mama’s.

  3. how could you say such things about a jew. Just because he doesnt follow the halachos doesnt make him not a jew. deep down he wants us to take him in and bring him closer to yiddishkeit

  4. “The hog haven attracted more than 50 people at its opening night last Tuesday — including a group of Hasidic Jews.”

    I bet my bottom dollar it was a “group” of no more than 1 or 2. Most first-genearation frei Jews would gag on chazir, let alone shellfish.

  5. This guy says that he hopes people will come to recognize varying levels of commitment to Judaism.
    That is absurd! You cant accept only SOME of the laws. E.g. accepting some of the driving laws means you don’t accept ANY of the laws, but that you may have decided to keep some of them. Either Hashem did give us the Torah on Hat sinai (and then we would have to keep all the laws) or he didn’t give us a Torah (and then we wouldn’t have to keep the 613 Mitzvos) Its impossible to be “half committed”. It simply doesn’t make sense!!!!!!

  6. Meshuga, you said “This guy is a provacateur and should go home. My wife enjoys watching the Food Channel on cable. (Yes, we are out of towners.)” – what does being an out of towner have to do with having a TV?

    Just wondering

  7. Listen up, folks! The address for this eatery is by no means in the the area of the frum Jews, so relax.
    Also, theres talk that his mother is a goy, so there.

  8. the satmars should thank him and if they were for real they would start getting all the stores in the area to put warning on the front door IF they are NOT KOSHER.

  9. What a terrible chilul Hashem!It’s like publicizing: “I’m a jew, but i don’t care!” You’re a bad jew for making 50+ people be “oiver” on a big “aveirah!”

  10. It’s better he put a sign on his door saying traif when selling traif that representing himself as K O S H E R and selling traif meat to frum jews. At least he is honest!!!

  11. beats haymishe bagel in toronto in the heart of the jewish comm. & is not kosher- open sat. closed sun. and what-a-bagel and their challahs ditto…..

  12. I am the storeowner:
    just a couple points of clarification– my mother is jewish, and i come from a proud, jewish family. also, there were no hasidic jews at our opening– they were ex-hasidic jews (by their definition)– that was a mistake on the paper’s part. in any case, i am an open-minded person and appreciate everyone’s opinion– that is why this is a beautiful place to live.


  14. M’darf gein mit sheinem…nisht mees. m’ken keinmall nisht visin ven men ken tzirikbrengen a yiddishe neshuma. Reden mees ven ehr hert ois vus men ret, ish nisht de richtige veig.Oib er leint vus du steit, in m’vet ehm b ashmutzen mit verter, vet ehr nor kenen reden misa zachen oif de frima yidden and zugen az takeh, takeh es zeit nisht git ois tzi zein a frima yid…
    bita geit mit sheinem…
    a dank

  15. To clarification: Do you have any idea why we are not allowed to eat the subscribed food you serve in your restaurant? Were you ever religious in your observance? Is there a specific reason you chose to open this type of restaurant in an area known to restrict and limit their diet to ONLY KOSHER FOOD? IF YOU BELIEVE THAT WE ARE WHAT WE EAT…THEN THERE IS A VALID REASON WHY G…D FORBADE US TO EAT THE FOOD YOU SERVE. Are you aware of any of the dietary laws that religious jews observe? I hope that business was the purpose and not spite for opening your business so close to a very observant community…
    I would like to wish you lots of luck in your business venture…however, I can guarantee you that as a proud jew, you would be very well served by G…d if you eliminated the TRAIF PART….and served wonderful delicacies and other foods in your restaurant. Just watch, how your business will pick up if you didn’t go out of your way to do something that you know in your heart is “ILLEGAL”, RELIGIOUSLY SPEAKING.

  16. there is a reason why this country is called AMERICA!! Live and let live…if you can eat there, than do so and enjoy! If you can’t than DON’T AND KEEP IT MOVIN!! Good luck w/ur new restaurant. It’s what Williamsburg is all about! DIVERSITY!!

  17. I’m not a kosher Jew but I can’t help but wonder if the fall out of the BP oil spill crisis will hurt this individual’s business. Afterall most of our shipment’s of shell fish do come from this area and restaurants all across NYC are feeling the pinch because of it. Mr. Traif…is it too late to go kosher?

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