Tragic: Mother and Four Daughters Dead in Yerushalayim Fire (Video, Photos)


A 36-year-old mother and her four children – four girls between the ages of 10 and 4 – have died in a blaze in a Yerushalayim apartment in a tragedy that shocked the emergency personnel who responded to the scene.

Police are calling the incident on Chevron Road in the Talpiot neighborhood a “murder-suicide,” with reports of a noose found near the woman’s body. It is not clear where the father was at the time of the conflagration.

How the four children died and the cause of the fire remain unclear. Zaka volunteers said that the children were burned to death, while a Channel 2 report that that there were indications that the four girls were strangled.

2017-01-01-photo-00011220 2017-01-01-photo-00011221

{ Israel News}


  1. Who cares how the fire trucks look nebach a mother and four daughters were killed and all you care about is commenting about the stupid fire trucks


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