Tragic Accident in Arizona Claims Lives of Two Girls, Raizel Morgenstern a”h and Hindy Spira a”h


candleUpdates below: An accident in Holbrook, Arizona, has claimed the lives of Raizel Morgenstern a”h and Hindy Spira a”h of Boro Park, Brooklyn.

The girls, who were on a summer vacation, were traveling last night in Navajo County when a tractor trailer barreled into their vehicle, killing them and wounding the other two girls in the car. The accident occured at about 4:45 p.m. local time.

Police said that it was not clear why the driver of the tractor trailer veered out of his lane and into the car transporting the girls.

The girls had been in Los Angeles with Rochi Engel, a friend who had moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. The girls had been heading to the Petrified Forest National Park near Holbrook at the time of the accident.

All are asked to daven for another occupant of the car, Miriam bas Gittel, a daughter of the famed Rabbi Yanky Meyer of Misaskim who sustained serious injuries in the accident and is currently undergoing surgery. All are asked to daven as well for Faiga Sarah bas Bracha Chaya (Myerovitz).

Friends of the girls shared a picture with showing Raizel and Hindy with three friends at Lea Brea Bagel in Los Angeles earlier in their trip. The friends described Raizel and Hindy in the most glowing terms, highlighting their wonderful personalities, their warmth, their sensitivity, their ehrlichkeit and how beloved they were by all who knew them.

“There was nothing they wouldn’t do for others,” they said. “They brought such joy to others and such nachas to their families. There are no words to describe how special they were or the feelings now of those who knew them.”

This tragedy has shaken the girls’ families and friends, plunging them into mourning. Two gems have been plucked from our midst.

Levayah arrangements are being finalized. Further details will be provided as they become available.

Umacha Hashem deemah me’al kol ponim.

Update: Reb Yanky Meyer issued the following statement via WhatsApp: “I ask every one on the group  to spread the word [that] my daughter is not the only one injured. Please say Tehillim for Faiga Sarah bas Bracha Chaya and for the families [suffering from] this great tragedy. They should have the strength to pull through this tough time.

Update:  It has been noted that yesterday was 14 years to the day since five Yidden from Brooklyn, NY, were killed in a tragic helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

Update: All are asked to continue davening for Suri Mayerowitz and Miriam Meyer.

The arrangements of the levayos of Raizel Morgenstern, 24, and Hindy Spira, 26, are being coordinated.

Suri Meyer was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center, while Suri Mayerowitz was taken to Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow and then Flagstaff Medical Center.

Raizel Morgenstern was driving a Jeep Cherokee east on State Route 377 when, at the intersection of State Route 77, the vehicle collided with an oncoming tractor trailer. Hindy Spira was in the front passenger’s seat.

Raizel was a graduate of Tomer Devorah and Bais Bracha, Hindy attended Tomer Devorah with Suri, and Miriam is a graduate of Bais Yaakov of Boro Park.

Update, 5:45 p.m.: The levayah of Hindy Spira a”h will be held tonight, at approximately 10 p.m., at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, located at the corner of 14th Avenue and 38th Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn, followed by kevurah in Shikun Skver. Following that levayah, the levayah of Raizel Morgenstern a”h will be held at approximately 11 p.m., also at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, followed by kevurah in Monsey, NY.

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  1. What an awful tragedy. There are no words. AIn milim. I am devastated like I have lost my own daughters. Boruch dayan emes..

  2. Arizona officials allowed them to be flown to NY and did not require an autopsy, boruch Hashem
    When will Yidden cease to suffer such horrible tragedies? How many more קרבנות does the אויבערשטער want from us??? גענוג שוין

  3. Chazal teach us That before the golden calf
    Right after the entrustmant to us
    By hashem , we reached a
    Elevation of the soul
    To where we each were granted
    Two crown jewels and post our foolishness we with our actions
    Were no longer worthy such beauty
    And thus were taken back ,
    And of course who is really to know ?

    Who could say?

    But to share a tragedy
    Ever so Enormous
    A tragedy
    In where promising mothers
    Of sweet loving children and grand children and sweet daughters of mothers , some to which are really
    Examples of how a yiddisha maame should be , than how else could we think , except
    That they were two jewels
    of klal yisroel to which we were no longer worthy–of ….
    “What else could we say , only tears – rivetting tears – and to implore shumaim for rachmim , because if our anguish is ravaging than how much more the one who created these pure sweet neshumes , how much is hkb”h -his pain kivyuche

  4. בקרובי אקדש
    Like the two sons of אהרן were taken on day #1 of the משכן…. may we be זוכה to ביאת משיח TODAY!
    ומחה ה דמעה מעל כל פנים
    May their families be זוכה to ניחום.

  5. without us doing our histadlus of teshuva as a nation together. how can we expect the tzaros to stop.
    if you don’t takes the medicine prescribed by your doctor how can you expect to ever recover from the sickness?

    there 2 names have just been added to a list of over 140 kids & infants niftar just in the past 2 years alone in strange & tragic ways.

    may all their neshamos have an aliya

  6. A very sad tragedy, now is the time the community girl schools should correct their system of how they are accepting and “rejecting” girls into their schools! Every “neshama counts”! This is where Teshuvah should start! The hurt that these frum grat talented girls go through is unbearable. They are not evwn given a chance to prove themselves, because of unreasonable reasons. May Hashem direct all of us in the right path.

  7. Boruch Dayan Ha’emes, this is a tragic loss. Also, a young mother (of an 8 year old and twin 4 year olds) was also killed yesterday near Baltimore, when a tractor trailer rear ended her, while signaling to turn left . . . I don’t think the timing and similarity are a coincidence . . . may we look inward and strive higher.

  8. Suri Mayerowitz and Miriam Meyer, were injured in the crash. Mayerowitz was transported to the Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow, while Meyer, daughter of Misaskim’s Yanky Meyer, was flown to Flagstaff Medical Center.

  9. Mayerowitz was transported to the Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow, while Meyer, daughter of Misaskim’s Yanky Meyer, was flown to Flagstaff Medical Center. Both are expected IY”H to survive

  10. These beautiful girls should have been home, happily married, attending to their precious children, and leading true Yiddishe productive lives. HaMakom Yenachem !!!!!

  11. They were very nice Frum girls, special smart girls,{DIAMONDS} no words can describe their greatness. Heartbreaking!!! These were top chashuva Frum girls, can’t get over it!!! What a bitter and sad tragedy not only to the families but also to all of Klall Yisroel friends etc.

  12. #2
    Its kind of hard to believe that that’s an accurate comment

    Please don’t make light of the family’s sorrow devastation

  13. every time there is a tragedy, everyone sais to do tshuva. But do not realize that BEIN ADAM LACHAVEIRO is where our entire community is lacking. Everyone feels they are better than the other, Some of us pick and choose who their friends are. Instead of treating all in a nice way. Greeting people and not passing by running all day. You are not better than the other because of money, fame or anything else. Everyone is created equal. We all have one destination. Just remember.

  14. Reply to Chaya Segal – I totally totally agree with what you said. There are people who Moved To Monsey And Have Their Kids Home For longer than a Year and no one is looking to do anything about it, a lot of teenagers – girls and boys !!

  15. Heartbreaking!!! These were top chashuva Frum Nice girls, can’t get over it!!! What a bitter and sad tragedy not only to the families but also to all of Klall Yisroel friends neighbours etc.

    we see from this Pasuk that if there is a lack of Tznius than Chas VeSholom there might be tragedies, so lets all WAKE UP NOW. May Hashem give all the families a true Nechoma and be Zoche to the Geulah very soon, greet Moshiach in person. May all their neshamos have an Aliya

    ת. נ. צ. ב. ה

    תנחומין לכל המשפחות המצטערים מן השמים.

  16. it’s time that we all improve our Tznius as the Pasuk says:
    כִּי ד’ אֱלֹהֶיךָ מִתְהַלֵּךְ בְּקֶרֶב מַחֲנֶךָ לְהַצִּילְךָ וְלָתֵת אֹיְבֶיךָ לְפָנֶיךָ “וְהָיָה מַחֲנֶיךָ קָדוֹשׁ וְלֹא יִרְאֶה בְךָ עֶרְוַת דָּבָר וְשָׁב מֵאַחֲרֶיךָ”
    we learn from this Pasuk that if there is a lack of Tznius than Chas VeSholom there might be tragedies, so lets all WAKE UP NOW improve in our Tzniut.

  17. Insider (22) , I’m not sure where you’re coming from. I don’t them or their story but I assume that these lovely girls were taking a well-deserved vacation, probably bearing in mind the constraints of how much vacation their jobs allowed them. I am positive that they would all be thrilled to have found their basherts already.
    And R”l, there are so many tragedies, under so many circumstances. Who is to say where anyone would be safe? This is what the RBSh”O wanted now and it’s up to us to try to fill the void left behind, to tap into the adinus, simchas hachaim, all the wonderful qualities we are hearing of from their friends and loved ones.

  18. Wednesday parshes iyykev
    In the year of 5775

    Hindy – Raizy….
    Raizy – Hindy….
    So much
    So- so much
    In your Name
    Each one
    And Kedusha – Simcha
    It represents.!

    Y so early….?
    The Rush and Y….?

    Yet a glimpse
    A glimpse at
    The Arrogant Sun

    And perhaps at this time
    And to Learn
    I will from – her….

    “hindy”- “Raizy”
    Come my sweet
    There is something
    From the Torrid sun
    That I Behold ….

    In her Audacity
    In her Blatant- Cowardice
    She Rises

    In her callous ignorance
    Her Warmth- her exotic hue
    She descends

    All -Upon a planet
    -to which
    Where in your absence
    And all we are
    Is– Frozen….

    Hence, though –
    And none are to express
    Yet forge I will
    to all
    Of such Precious souls….

    Where do we go….?

    To run –

    And y- to
    Leave a flock forlorn….?

    Your Name
    Each of you and Claim—is to fame….

    Y ?
    Y to leave klal- yisroel behind….?

    Raizy ….
    Y when with you
    And merit the redemption
    Because of jewels
    One and Two
    And we would….

    “Raizy”…. “Raizy”….
    Your Timeless Love to hashem
    And who will replace….????

    Your Fearless Trait
    When involving worldly things-
    Yet your Awe and Affection
    Towards הקב״ה and his ברואה
    Now who will replace….????

    ” Hindy “…. “Hindy”-
    Beloved sister of mine –
    Tell would you..??

    Will you tell us….?

    Now that
    Now that
    The שכינה הקדושה
    Her wings were returned ….-

    “Hindy “… Yes….
    Now that
    The shchina hakdoysha
    Has her wings back
    And will it speed the recovery
    Of our Holy Sanctuary….????

    Hindy – Raizy ….
    Will it prove shortly BEZ”H
    That only for that reason
    And from us –
    A people
    Once the envy of the world
    To where now
    Crushed and Abandoned….
    That only for that Reason
    That you were both taken????….

    “Hindy” – “Raizy”….

    What more ?
    What more
    Will klal yisroel endure?
    How much more
    Will hakudoysh boruch hu
    Have to cry with us….?

    Now Hindy -Raizy
    Now that
    of Barriers
    Eternally you are free
    Then will you
    Say to קוב״ה

    ״הנני״…???? Im here with you….

    Father if we are in anguish
    than how much more so
    – are you ….!

    Will you now?
    Will you now- both
    That to him – you are so close
    So will you now
    Console him
    Finally to evoke
    The highest heavens :
    ״אנ אנכי מנחמכם״”…..?

    “Hindy” but wait….
    Wait … Forget not
    The holy teaching
    המקדש בית נבנה שלא מי כל”
    ….”בימיוו נחרב כאילו בימיוו

    Wait…. Wait…. My sweet…..
    Tragic– enough ….
    Yet when compounded
    With Actual Destruction
    And what then….?

    Yet when two Butay- mikdush….

    Hindy – Where?
    Where are we nebech ….?

    Ryzele tyyera….
    Two מקדש בתי burned
    In my lifetime ….????

  19. To #22 – What a thoughtless and insensitive statement. There was nothing more that these exemplary and choshuve girls would have wanted – to build a bayis ne’eman with their “bashert”. However, they never were “zoche” to find their “bashert”. And now you know why – the RBS”O had other plans for them – that they be the “korbonos tzibbur” for your and my “aveiros”. Hard working teachers are entitled to take a vacation together. They were all a “Kiddush Hashem” wherever they went. May their memory be a blessing for Klal Yisroel

  20. Does anyone have any update on the health status of the two surviving girls? I saw somewhere that the surgery for one was successful.


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