Tragedy in Skver: Wedding Postponed Twice And Then Chosson Passes Away


Ari Friedman z”l of Skver passed away on Thursday, just a few weeks before his wedding. He was 23.

During the month of Iyar almost a year ago, Ari got engaged to his cousin in Monsey. A few weeks before the wedding, he contracted a severe illness, underwent treatments, and recovered. The wedding was rescheduled for the month of Adar. To the great sorrow of his family, during the winter, the disease returned. The wedding was then rescheduled again for this spring.

In recent days, his condition deteriorated. On Thursday, he passed away, plunging his family and friends into mourning.

Ari was a son of Rabbi Shalom Eliezer Friedman, prominent Skverer chossid.

His friends describe Ari as a bochur who was a true ben Torah, dedicated to his learning and avodas Hashem, an ehrliche boy who got along with everyone and who everyone loved.

Hundreds of people, led by the Skverer Rebbe and his sons, participated in the levayah in Shikun Skver.

Umacha Hashem dimah me’al kol ponim.

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