TRAGEDY IN MONTICELLO: Young Boy Struck and Killed by Ice Cream Truck


Shmuel Gellis z”l, a 4-year-old child from Toms River, NJ, was killed after being struck by an ice cream truck in the Catskills.

The accident took place before 8 p.m. in Birchwood Estates, located in Monticello, NY.

Shmuel was hit by the truck while he was riding a bike and went into cardiac arrest.

Catskills Hatzolah rushed to the scene and made attempts at resuscitation. The victim was later transferred to Catskill Regional Medical Center, where he passed away a while later.

Shmuel was a son of Moshe and Batsheva Gellis, former residents of Coventry Square in Lakewood who recently relocated to Reynolds Avenue in the Tallymawr neighborhood of Toms River.

The levayah will take place tomorrow, Erev Shabbos, at 10:30 a.m. at the Congregation Sons of Israel Holocaust Memorial Chapel, located at 613 Ramsey Street, off of East 7th Street in Lakewood, NJ, followed by kevurah in the adjacent bais hachaim.

Umacha Hashem dimah me’al kol ponim.



  1. Terrible terrible terrible tragedy! Parents are the nicest most amazing people. Words cannot describe the terrible pain. Shmuel (Shmu Shmu) A”H was a very cute and special kid, always happy and pleasant, with a wonderful personality and smile. Moish & Batsheva, May Hashem continue to give you the the amazing inner strength you already have to somehow get through this. You are amazing friends and neighbors and your pain is our pain.

    • Disturbing ur main focus is on the post of a picture of the ice cream truck That’s insane we lost a child doesn’t that ring a bell stop looking at the small thing open ur eyes

  2. Terrible tragedy for the Gellis family and a nebach on the poor ice cream truck driver! I’m sure he feels bad enough w/o his picture posted online!

  3. Losing a child is the most devastating debilitating loss a person can suffer. It is natural when a person loses their parents but it is Not natural to lose a child before a parent. The natural order in life is turned upside down. The heartbreak is something that never ever leaves you and you Never Move “on” But somehow some way you learn to move “forward” and carry your precious deceased child and all your beautiful memories of them with you. In the beginning it’s a huge Boulder to carry then little by little (years and years and years ) the weight shifts and becomes less heavy because u learn (if u will) how to carry it. Life may seem hopeless right now to the parents of this sweet little boy but with the help of their friends family and community they will learn how to “walk” again. Please tell them that there is a private (closed) legitimate non-profit online Facebook community (over 14k) of bereaved parents from all over the world that is available to them 24/7 when they are ready. TCF – Loss of a Child (The Compassionate Friends)
    Shannon’s mother (forever 21)

  4. I love how everyone is so into the whole fact about Weather They should or shouldn’t of posted a picture of the ice cream truck,we lost a child here! wake up already!

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